The human movement system relies on a collaborative effort to form interdependent links that include a functional kinetic chain. For example, your arm, shoulder, and spine are interconnected segments that function together to perform the movement. If any part of the kinetic chain is injured or not working correctly, the entire link is compromised, resulting in less than optimal performance. Body segments and their movements must be coordinated to allow for the efficient transfer of energy and power throughout the body when moving from one body segment to the next. It is especially true when we talk about athletes and their performance.
That’s why it is essential to have the support and guidance of an expert. With a background in sports training as an athlete and as a coach, I understand what it takes to ensure optimal performance, nutrition, supplementation, recovery, and mental strength.
If you are looking at embarking on a specific goal, event, or professional athlete, I can plan your training and nutrition programs to meet your particular goals.
The sports-specific training and nutrition plans are personalized per person and optimized for the end goal.

· 30-minute monthly video call assessment
· Macronutrient and calories recommendations
· Meal plan alternatives based on your food preferences
· Personalized fitness program (In-home and/or gym)
· Daily Accountability check-ins
· Weekly progress follow-ups